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익명의 음성 메시지

アーツ前橋二国間交流事業 海外派遣
国立現代美術館 レジデンシー・コヤン 韓国
Artist Exchange Program between Japan – Korea
Arts Maebashi, Gunma Japan
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea
2019 Jul 3 – Aug 30

アーツ前橋から派遣される形で、韓国・国立現代美術館 レジデンシー・コヤンにおいて滞在制作を実施した。



As an artist dispatched from Arts Maebashi, I stayed at Residency Goyang, Korean National Modern Art Museum.
During the stay, I mainly researched international adoption after the Korean War.
From the research, I found the adoption system is still working now.
Currently, the adopted children who went abroad in the 80s visited Korea again when they grew up.
Through the interview with them, I recorded feelings about their actual family which they have never met.
This project is still in progress now in 2020 and further interviews will be planned in Korea.