• 三人力車 San Nin Rickshaw 2019

三人力車 2019

San Nin Rickshaw 2019

Romantic Route 3 Arts Festival
2019 Oct 19 – Dec 15
Taoyuan Taiwan


この芸術祭では、2010年に同国台北、Treasure Hill Artist Villageでのプロジェクトで制作した「三人力車」の再制作となった。今回は、昭和初期に実際の人力車に使われていた車輪を持込み、その他の部分を現地制作して組み合わせた。


In Taiwan, I was invited to Taiwan’s first largest art festival held in Taipei and Taichung.
The exhibition area assigned for me is Sankeng Old Street in Taoyuan city which is located north of Taipei.
For this art festival, I re-produced the “San Nin Rickshaw” project which I represented for Treasure Hill Artist Village held in Taipei in 2010.
From Japan, I brought the wheels which were parts of the real Jinrikisha used in the early Showa period.
I made other parts in Taiwan and assembled them with the wheels.
As the last performance, the customer’s seat has pedals so that passengers can pedal with me as a driver.
The performance was made every weekend during the exhibition.