clear power

Clear Power

欧州文化首都 Noc Noc 2012
European Capital of Culture
2012 Oct 5-7

原子力を意味する「NUCLEAR POWER」のレタリングのうち、「NU」にのみ充電池を使用して発光させた。
展示期間中に放電し「CLEAR POWER」のみが発光する。

Attended the art festival in Guimaraes, Portugal.
In 2012, Ohara nuclear plant was the one and only atomic power plant in Japan.
I charged the battery using electricity powered by Ohara and exhibited it in Portugal where there’s no nuclear plant
In the exhibit, “N” and “U” from the lettering “NUCLEAR POWER” emit light by the battery.
The battery was discharged during the exhibition and the audience found “CLEAR POWER”.
The exhibition consisted of the battery installation and movies of the landscape of the area powered by the nuclear plant.